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263 survey respondents reported taking CBD for ADD / ADHD
57% Female | 38% Male | 4% Prefer not to say

People reporting that they were using CBD for ADD / ADHD (attention deficit disorder /attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) typically had Inattentive Type or Combined type. This group frequently reported that they were using CBD for other issues such as mood issues (78%), pain (68%), and sleep problems (60%).

Similar to participants using CBD for PTSD, this group was almost three times more likely to be using CBD for alcoholism/addiction, as well.

In addition, they were more likely to be using CBD with or from cannabis rather than hemp- derived CBD alone, meaning they were more likely to be using some THC with their CBD.

Types of ADHD/ADHD:
Changes in Symptoms:

Participants were asked to rate how CBD impacted seven common symptoms of ADD/ADHD (see chart below), indicating whether the symptom was a “much better,” “little better,” “no change,” a “little worse,” or “lot worse.” CBD appeared to be most helpful with staying on task, minimizing distractibility, and mitigating agitation or irritability. It appeared less effective at minimizing the tendency to lose things and procrastinate and sometimes makes those symptoms worse.


Scientific Research on CBD & Cannabis for ADD/ADHD: