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Leafy Greens & Diabetes

β-caryophyllene is a terpene present in cannabis as well as many dark green, leafy vegetables.

From the Project CBD Patient Survey:

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169 People survey respondents reported taking CBD for diabetes
53% Female | 44% Male | 3% Prefer not to say

Most participants taking CBD for diabetes had Type 2 diabetes (72%). Many reported that they were taking CBD for other conditions, in particular, pain (77%), mood issues (49%), and sleep problems (46%). A significant minority of this group (14%) also reported taking CBD for GI diseases.

Participants were asked about their typical blood sugar levels before and after they started taking CBD. Though the average levels with CBD were still high, they showed significant improvements over the pre- CBD levels, decreasing by about 27% on average. Participants also reported significant improvements in neuropathy-type symptoms (i.e. nerve pain, tingling or numbness), and some improvements in their ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Changes in Blood Sugar Levels:
Changes in Symptoms:

Scientific Research on CBD & Cannabis for Diabetes: