General Advertising Guidelines

The Guidelines in the following section apply to all advertisements and sponsor content served by Project CBD. All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. To that end, Project CBD will label an advertisement with the word “Advertisement” or “Sponsored” or some variation thereof when, in its opinion, this is necessary to make clear the distinction between editorial material and advertising.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are adequately substantiated and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. While the content of advertising does not necessarily reflect the views of Project CBD or its editors, if it comes to the attention of Project CBD that an ad, in our opinion, contains demonstrably false, unsubstantiated, or unlawful content, Project CBD will refuse or remove the ad in whole or in part.

Project CBD may exercise its discretion to refuse or remove any advertising that is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to Project CBD’s brand. Although Project CBD will evaluate whether to work with advertisers on a case-by-case basis, some examples of advertising Project CBD will not accept are the following:

  1. Advertising that Project CBD believes, in its opinion, is indecent, vulgar, suggestive, profane, or offensive.
  2. Advertising that encourages or caters to illegal activities.
  3. Advertising that Project CBD believes includes hateful, violent, or discriminatory content.
  4. Advertising that Project CBD determines to be inflammatory.
  5. Advertising that Project CBD determines represents a personal attack against an individual, country, or organization.
  6. Advertising that Project CBD believes will undermine the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of its mission and brand.

All determinations of the application of these standards to individual advertisements or advertisers shall be within the sole discretion of Project CBD’s staff. 

Project CBD may reject or remove any advertising or other partner content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal content; is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to Project CBD’s brand.

Project CBD may remove advertising content at any time if such content is inconsistent with the policies described herein, with or without prior notice to the advertising client and regardless of whether the advertising content has been accepted or displayed within Project CBD for any period of time.  

Sponsor & Advertiser Agreement

The following terms govern the advertising on and sponsorship of Project CBD. Advertising on Project CBD constitutes Advertiser and Advertiser’s agency’s acceptance of this Agreement. References in this Agreement to “you” and “your” refer to Advertiser and its agency, if any. References to “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to Project CBD. We reserve the right to amend this Agreement at any time by posting an updated version. Advertisers should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then-current Agreement.


All advertising is subject to our prior approval. We have the right in our sole and absolute discretion to reject or cancel any advertisements, Paid Content, or sponsorships at any time for any reason. In the event we cancel an advertisement not in connection with a breach of this Agreement by Advertiser then Advertiser shall be responsible for advertising fees through such cancellation. Project CBD is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials provided by Advertiser or its agency.

Placement & Formats

In order to provide the best possible service for its readers and sponsors, Project CBD may change the particular advertising placements and formats associated with each sponsorship product it offers. Any and all sponsorship products purchased via Project CBD may at any time be restructured to include new and different advertising formats, products, and placements. If such changes occur during Advertiser’s sponsorship term, Project CBD will attempt to notify Advertiser in advance of such changes to allow for the production of new advertisements. Project CBD may also offer, at its sole discretion, to produce these advertisements for Advertiser directly.


All advertising and sponsorship accepted on a credit basis must be prepaid. Credit terms applicable to any Advertiser or its agency are solely within our discretion and may be changed or discontinued by us at any time. In the event that Advertiser fails to make payment as and when due, we may immediately cancel all orders for advertising. We reserve the right to hold Advertiser and its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to us. Our advertising rates are subject to change without notice. Special clauses and insertion orders or contracts are not accepted if relating to our legal liability. In the event Project CBD does not receive payment or Advertiser or its agency otherwise breach the terms of this Agreement, Advertiser and/or its agency shall pay all of Project CBD’s costs and expenses in connection with enforcement and/or collection proceedings including attorneys’ fees. Advertising fees are non-refundable.

Partner Subscription Agreement

Some advertisements, such as the Brand Marketplace, are billed as monthly subscriptions. Subscriptions begin when the first payment is made, and are automatically billed according to the selected payment plan (monthly or annually.) Subscription payments can be updated or canceled by contacting PCBD directly ( but past payments are non-refundable. 


Prospective partners, advertisers and sponsors may send an email to info with any questions. For legal questions, please email info