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128 survey respondents reported taking CBD for brain injuries
58% Female | 41% Male | 1% Prefer not to say

The most common type of brain injury among participants was a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. Participants taking CBD for brain injuries often reported that they were also taking CBD for pain (68%), mood issues (55%), sleep problems (46%), and PTSD (33%).

People with a brain injury were twice as likely to report using CBD for addiction as the average participant. Participants with brain injuries were also more likely to be taking CBD from or with cannabis rather than hemp-derived CBD alone (53% versus 40%), meaning they were more likely to be taking some THC with their CBD.

Types of Brain Injuries:

Participants were asked to rate how CBD impacted seven common symptoms of brain injuries (see chart below), indicating whether the symptom was a “much better,” “little better,” “no change,” a “little worse,” or “lot worse.” For participants with brain injuries, CBD appeared most helpful for relieving headaches, irritability, and agitation. CBD was less helpful at relieving issues with balance or coordination. In a small percentage of participants, participants reported that issues with memory, concentration, and self-expression worsened though it is unknown if this was the result of CBD or THC.

Changes in Symptoms:

Scientific Research on CBD & Cannabis for Strokes/Ischemia: