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Sometimes, science fails to see the tree for the forest. Statistical significance and double-blind trials are important, but so is human experience.

Case studies are meaningful. Case studies often portend future discovery. So the case study of two Brazilian brain cancer patients who successfully combined CBD with their cancer treatment should not be dismissed. In their report, Paula Dall’Stella and other doctors in São Paulo describe the typical treatment plan for patients with glioblastoma. Patients who did not respond to the first treatment were given a drug cocktail called PCV along with CBD to reduce nausea. The authors highlight that “it is not possible to cure high-grade glioma patients … the aim of treatment is not only to prolong life, but also to prevent the deterioration of … quality of life.” These patients were still alive at the time the study was published, living longer than the median (15 months) after the diagnosis of glioblastoma. Both were able to play sports without excessive fatigue. These results don’t guarantee that everyone will find benefit from CBD, but it demonstrates that some people benefit significantly.

Read study: Case Report: Clinical Outcome and Image Response of Two Patients With Secondary High-Grade Glioma Treated With Chemoradiation, PCV, and Cannabidiol

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Project CBD is made possible by the support of our partners.

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