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Last summer, Project CBD helped recruit subjects for a large-scale clinical study to assess the safety and efficacy of the daily use of cannabidiol. Good news: Contrary to FDA warnings, preliminary results of the ValidCare study show “no clinical evidence of liver disease in any of the participants.”

To increase the confidence level of the data for liver safety, Project CBD is once again seeking volunteers who are regular users of CBD products to participate in a 30-day clinical observational study. This will help to advance our understanding of the science and safety of CBD.

All participants will receive free study product for the trial – either tinctures or soft gels. And those who complete the entire month-long study and provide a blood sample will also receive a $100 gift card.

To learn more about volunteering and to submit a formal application to participate, contact ValidCare, the medical research company that is conducting this study.

You will be required to use an app for 30 days to document your use of a hemp-derived CBD product, how it affects you, if you experience any side effects, and any other relevant feedback.

After 30 days, you will be expected to prove a blood sample for liver test functioning at a nearby Quest diagnostic lab.

(Please note that labs in NY, NJ, and RI have different regulations on drawing blood samples, so residents of these states will need to go to CT, MA or PA to draw blood for a liver test.)

Several prominent CBD brands are supporting this study, and we hope you will, as well.

To recap, all volunteers who complete the 30-day trial will receive:

  • A free supply of CBD tincture or gel caps for the duration of the study, and possibly longer
  • Visa gift card ($100)
  • An opportunity to advance our knowledge of the safety and efficacy of CBD.

The FDA is seeking clinical and observational data to help with the regulatory process for CBD.  By participating in the study, you can do your part by contributing to the knowledge base for CBD.

For more information about this important study, contact ValidCare.

Thanks from Project CBD!

[Update: Study closed]

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Project CBD is made possible by the support of our partners.

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